I Too Have a Name



A Tamil woman, living with the memory of pain, goes about her daily existence as a nun in the ravaged northeast of Sri Lanka at a time when her country is slipping in and out of war. Events brought to life by the church’s servant girl and its priest move her to reconcile her past and redirect her future with a desire to live and re-learn intimacy, sexuality and freedom. As the world around her continues to be made and unmade by violence, she moves slowly to carve out a small space to breathe and to find power and meaning in her life.



“I continue to enjoy being part of a group of people around the world who are constantly seeking to do things better, and the things I have learned from this community continue to shape the life that I lead.”
Suba Sivakumaran: Autobiography

“I Too Have a Name will celebrate its UK PREMIERE at the London Feminist Film Festival on Sunday 2 December at 4.00 pm as part of the MEMORIES screening.”
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News: Berlin Film Festival

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Nimmi Harasgama


Subha Wijesiriwardena





  • Berlinale 2012, Competition, Nominated for Golden Bear
  • Cork International Film Festival, Competition
  • Reykjavik International Film Festival, Competition
  • Dubai International Film Festival, Competition
  • Istanbul Crime and Punishment International Film Festival, Competition
  • Montreal World Film Festival, Competition
  • London Feminist Film Festival
  • viii.New York Indian Film Festival
  • 3rd I South Asian Film Festival,  San Francisco
  • Lights. Camera. Help, Austin Film Festival
  • Stuttgart Film Festival
  • Hangzhou International Film Festival
  • xiii.Ekadeshma Film Festival, Nepal